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LLB Annual Report 2020 de

Stability going forward 

Sustainable management, environmental and social responsibility, today and tomorrow: for the LLB Group this is the path to the future.

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Along this path everything is in motion. This momentum has inspired us to make an oloid the centrepiece of the 2020 Annual Report. An oloid is geometrical shape with edges but no corners, which although curved, moves in a stable straight line.

Five steps are required to reshape a cube into an oloid. From five perspectives we show how we take a holistic approach to understanding sustainability.

Asset Management

Sustainable investment products

More and more private and institutional investors want to use their financial commitments to change something for the better in the world in which they live. Environmental protection, human rights, working standards, but also good corporate governance are firmly anchored in the LLB Group’s sustainable investment process.

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Sustainable corporate culture

The trust that our clients place in us depends largely on our employees. The responsibility for nurturing, promoting and encouraging their health, performance and innovativeness is an integral part of our sustainable corporate culture. As an attractive employer, the LLB Group attracts people, who share its values.

A brief overview

Sustainable footprint

We need warmth, energy, light, water and paper. Our employees must get to their workplace or to clients. Our careful handling of the environment begins in our own office buildings. Our goal is to continually improve operational environmental protection. One priority is being mobile while remaining climate-friendly.

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Sustainable partnership

Cooperation and social collaboration are the decisive factors in defining how sustainable we are. The bigger a group is, the greater will be the attraction it exerts on others. As partners, as sponsors and as promoters, we contribute to a sustainable development of common goals.

Three examples

Sustainable management

Investors are guided by long-term perspectives. They rely on a double dividend, where sustainable management brings together what belongs together: financial returns and responsible corporate activity, as well as social responsibility. For the LLB Group this is the key to a sustainable world.

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Our oloid stands for a corporate strategy, which promises a stable linear development – with edges but no corners.

On sustainability