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LLB Annual Report 2020 de

Organisational structure

Information checkedInformation geprüft Organisational structure

on 1 January 2021


Surname Name


Board of Directors

Gabriela Nagel-Jungo, Vice Chairwoman *

Thomas Russenberger


Patrizia Holenstein

Richard Senti


Urs Leinhäuser

Karl Sevelda

Group Internal Audit

Patrick Helg





Group Executive Board

Roland Matt, Group CEO

Natalie Flatz


Urs Müller, Vice Group CEO

Patrick Fürer


Gabriel Brenna

Christoph Reich




Group CEO

Roland Matt


Group Corporate Communications & Sustainability

Cyrill Sele


Group Marketing

Michaela Alt


Group Human Resources

Bernd Moosmann


CEO Bank Linth

David B. Sarasin





Retail & Corporate Banking

Urs Müller


Retail & Corporate Banking Liechtenstein

Eduard Zorc


Retail & Corporate Banking Switzerland

Luc Schuurmans





Private Banking

Gabriel Brenna


Private Banking Liechtenstein / Schweiz

Martin Heutschi


Private Banking Switzerland

Luc Schuurmans


Private Banking Germany / Austria

Boris Wistawel


Private Banking Austria

Robert Löw


Private Banking Middle East

Ludovic Pernot


Private Banking Central Eastern Europe

Jean-Marie Deluermoz


Group Produkt Management

Ivan Ziegler





Institutional Clients

Natalie Flatz


Financial Intermediaries

Norman Marxer


Fund Services

Bruno Schranz


Asset Management

Markus Wiedemann


Institutional Clients Austria

Harald Friedrich





Group CFO

Christoph Reich


Group Finance

Markus Schifferle


Group Credit & Riskmanagement

Martin Kaindl


Group Legal & Compliance

Roger Dornier


CFO Bank Linth

Martin Kaindl



Gerd Scheider





Group COO

Patrick Fürer


Group Corporate Development

Jan-Friedrich Brünings


Group IT

Stefan Alder


Group Operations & Services

Sascha Strazzer



Selim Alantar


* Following the resignation of Chairman Georg Wohlwend, Gabriela Nagel-Jungo has taken over as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors until the Annual General Meeting in May 2021.