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LLB Annual Report 2023 de

Marke LLB

Information unaudited Information ungeprüft The LLB brand

We have harmonised our brand identity within the LLB Group: All Group companies will now operate under a shared brand. Our new image is young, distinctive, and international.

This one-brand strategy supports the LLB Groupʼs growth targets defined as part of ACT-26. In addition to Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria, LLB is now also entering the German market with its new look. This allows us to address a young target group as well – a group that already makes up the majority of our clients today.

As a bank that is close to its clients, we think and act with a view to the future and convince our clients with responsible, sustainable products and services.

Values, purpose, and vision

Our mission statement is the foundation of our brand identity. The mission statement defines the values, purpose, and shared vision of the LLB Group. The four values describe how we work together and the principles according to which we provide our services:

  • Integrity – We create clarity and stand by our word.
  • Respect – We believe in partnership and hold both clients and colleagues in high esteem.
  • Excellence – We create first-class results.
  • Passion – We act with conviction and enthusiasm.


The values form the basis for our purpose as a company:

“With value-based banking, we are creating a sustainable future."

The purpose expresses why LLB exists and what contribution we want to make as a partner for value-based banking in a digital world.

The vision strengthens all employees in their endeavour to be trustworthy and active shapers of the future. It expresses what we want to achieve together:

“We are one of the most trustworthy banks in the world."

The three building blocks of the mission statement – values, purpose, and vision – contain the fundamental convictions and principles according to which all LLB employees and management act and make decisions. They are the cornerstones of the new, shared LLB brand.