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LLB Annual Report 2023 de

Information unaudited Information ungeprüft The new LLB brand

Since September 2023, the LLB Group has been operating under the shared “LLB” brand. We talked to Group CEO Gabriel Brenna and Head Group Marketing Michaela Alt to find out what this new look is all about.

What were the decisive reasons for this comprehensive rebranding with a new logo?

Gabriel Brenna: A rebranding to this effect had been under consideration for quite some time. Developments in the digital sector are always progressing, and the abbreviation “LLB” lends itself to this purpose. “LLB” is also easier to pronounce for our international clients. Given that weʼve been communicating our new strategy in Switzerland, the time was right for a Group-wide rebranding. We are convinced that the LLB brand will allow us to position ourselves even more successfully.

Would you mind elaborating on that a bit more? Why do you think the change from “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” to “LLB” will have a positive impact on the Groupʼs success?

Gabriel Brenna: For more than 160 years, LLB has – with great success – stood for traditional banking. The demands of our target groups have changed, however. Young, digitally savvy generations already make up the majority of our clients today. They have been shaped by technological change and the desire to achieve something meaningful and sustainable with their money.

Michaela Alt: What is crucial for our future growth is that we continue to increase our (brand) recognition and represent the same values within the Group. With our shared brand, we are sending a strong signal that we are growing even closer together as a company. This includes a uniform visual appearance.

Gabriel Brenna, Group CEO

“Given that weʼve been communicating our new strategy in Switzerland, the time was right for a Group-wide rebranding.”

What does the new, modern LLB stand for?

Michaela Alt: Our new brand strategy – like its predecessor – still focuses on our values and our vision, with the addition of our purpose as a third cornerstone. The brand represents a modern, self-confident, and future-facing LLB that is as adept at face-to-face, traditional personal banking as it is at mastering the rapidly changing digital world.

There have been fears that the repositioning of LLB Schweiz, formerly Bank Linth, and the change of name could lead to a loss of clients. Has this proven to be the case?

Gabriel Brenna: Our new brand identity has undoubtedly been felt the most clearly in Switzerland. LLB Schweiz will be increasingly active in private banking, corporate clients, and external asset management – i.e. in the same areas where LLB is very successful in Liechtenstein. It was therefore a logical step for us to adopt the LLB brand in Switzerland as well. At its core, however, LLB Schweiz will still be an approachable bank close to its clients. Thanks to the bankʼs membership in the LLB Group, clients will continue to benefit from an attractive range of products and services that is fit for the future. As the first few months have shown, these products and services are highly appreciated. Our decision appears to have been the right one, since in 2023, LLB Schweiz achieved the best result in its 175-year history.

Is the modern look really a good fit for the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, which is very much defined by its roots and tradition?

Michaela Alt: LLB continues to stand for the highest level of stability and security as well as for value-based banking. With our vision, “We are one of the most trustworthy banks in the world”, we are also setting high standards for ourselves.

Gabriel Brenna: The positioning of the new LLB brand builds on our more than 160-year tradition as a stable and financially strong bank. It forms the foundation for the successful implementation of the ACT-26 corporate strategy with its dual positioning as “Number 1 in Liechtenstein and the region” and as a “Secure and sustainable international private bank”.

Michaela Alt, Head Group Marketing

“LLB continues to stand for the highest level of stability and security as well as for value-based banking.”