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LLB Annual Report 2021 de

ACT-26 strategy

With our strategy as a pacesetter, we are setting the LLB Group into dynamic motion, similar to quartz crystals in a physics experiment.

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Changing frequencies form different patterns, which reflect the strategic aspects in this annual report. ACT-26 stands for acceleration and transformation.

New Strategy


The LLB Group’s new ACT-26 strategy represents the progressive further development of the LLB Group. It continues the successful path of growth of previous years, but also stands for technological and sustainable transformation.

Further information
Core element


During the StepUp2020 strategy period, the LLB Group experienced risk-conscious, profitable growth in all business areas. This growth story is to be continued and accelerated in the coming years.

A brief overview
Core element


Digital and personal. For us, that is no contradiction. In the next few years, the LLB Group will undergo a digital transformation that will make our bank group even more modern and efficient. However, our clients will remain at the centre of our activity.

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Core element


As a financial institute that is oriented towards the long term, we aim to leave coming generations, as far as possible, an intact environment and stable social conditions. For the LLB Group, therefore, sustainability is one of the core strategic themes.

The details
Market divisions

Dual positioning

In future, the LLB Group will comprise two clearly positioned market divisions, Private and Corporate Clients and International Wealth Management.

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Our Chladni figures stand for accelerated growth as well as for the perfection of client focus, efficiency and sustainable business operations.