Employer of choice

Employee satisfaction

Our employees are the key to the LLB Group fulfilling its performance mandate (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”). Their opinion is important to us. The in-depth employee survey, which we conduct every two years, belongs to the dialogue. The measures implemented after the survey in 2013 had a very positive effect on the results of the 2015 employee survey. Once again, the response rate was high at 85 percent (2013: 76 %). The LLB Group scored above the average for the sector or achieved the 2015 “Swiss Employer Award” (SEA) average in all relevant points.

The commitment of the LLB Group’s employees, in other words the sense of being part of the company, increased to 85 points out of 100 points (2013: 82 points). Job satisfaction rose to 76 points out of 100 points (2013: 70 points). As a result, the LLB Group was recommended as an employer to friends and acquaintances much more often (2015: 83 points; 2013: 74 points). The employees rated the LLB Group as an attractive employer, giving it a score of 76 points (2013: 64 points). The annual agreement on work objectives and performance assessment also received a better rating in 2015 (91 points) than in 2013 (80 points). The spirit and work atmosphere were perceived very positively (2015: 74 points; 2013: 60 points).

The next employee survey is planned for August 2017.

Employee information

Clear and consistent communication increases acceptance among employees and can determine the implementation of operational changes in the course of day-to-day business. The Focus2015 strategy, launched in 2013, was successful precisely because the messages conveyed were clear and thus increased credibility and trust. The Group Executive Board communicated the objectives and the approach of the new StepUp2020 strategy already in September 2015. In the communication concept of October 2015, the business area Group Corporate Communications & General Secretary formulated internal communication measures that help to foster corporate culture and staff motivation. The Group CEO informs through a quarterly Group-wide newsletter distributed via the intranet. He holds an information meeting for all LLB Group employees at least once a year. There is also an annual Group Night, plus information events held by our six divisions.

Furthermore, as a company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the LLB Group is obliged to transmit ad hoc communiqués simultaneously to all stakeholders. Besides the shareholders, the clients and the public, our employees are also informed regularly and comprehensively about the course of business, value drivers, strategy as well as about key financial and operational figures.

The LLB as employer

The LLB Group is an attractive employer according to the 2015 employee survey. Studies show that three key strengths differentiate it from its competitors: it offers a corporate culture based on partnership, interesting tasks and plenty of scope for growth. The value system laid down in our guiding principles is a performance benchmark with which to recruit, retain and promote the most suitable employees for us. A careful, potential-oriented recruitment process ensures that new employees contribute to the overall success of the Group through their expertise, professionalism, managerial competence and value orientation.

High-achieving employees have excellent development opportunities at the LLB Group. They participate in pioneering projects, which involve many and varied challenges, innovative processes, new client care concepts, regulatory-related adjustments, demanding digitalisation initiatives and international growth ambitions. We have a modern compensation model that is considered exemplary in the banking sector. We promote diversity and equal opportunities.

Health and safety in the workplace

We realise that our employees spend a large part of their life in the workplace. As a result, we are developing occupational health management further. We believe satisfaction, health, motivation and productivity are linked. To date, we have promoted health and safety in the workplace in various ways – ranging from providing information on the intranet to offering an advice service through to installing ergonomic office furniture. Employees in particularly difficult or stressful situations are able to gain free and anonymous access to psychological support. We also offer support to employees returning to work after a long absence and to those with serious health problems. HR business partners and members of the Representation of Employees (Arbeitnehmervertretung) act as contact partners.

Safety standards for the prevention of accidents and illnesses apply Group-wide. Procedures in the event of a fire or accident at the workplace as well as emergency and disaster management are governed by a directive. Eleven employees from the organisational unit Facility & Security Management are responsible for carrying out routine building and equipment checks.

The absenteeism rate gives an indication of the incidence of accidents and illnesses (2015: 142). Our target rate is between 2 and 2.5 percent. In 2015, the absenteeism rate was 2.49 percent. In 2015, 29 long-serving employees went on a sabbatical for up to four weeks. Most utilised the maximum number of days possible for rest and recuperation and for broadening their horizon. Taking such time out helps maintain flexibility, commitment and productivity.

Permanent employees by employment type
Permanent employees by employment type (bar chart)

Compatibility of work and family life

The LLB Group is aware of its responsibilities towards the community and society. We want to create an optimal working environment through our employee policy. This includes the compatibility of work and private life in different life situations. From 2016, we will allow greater flexibility in hours and location of work. In the autumn of 2015, we started a pilot project looking at home office possibilities.

A survey of 1’760 employees of member banks of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) conducted in 2015 revealed a demand for a day nursery. It will be open to the children of LLB employees. We have been working with the LBA on a solution.