The LLB Group employs people from 31 nations. Our success is based on this diversity. The central values of our corporate culture are tolerance, appreciation, respectfulness and open-mindedness. Even if we do not have a specific programme in place to promote diversity, people of different nationalities working together have been commonplace at our Group for many years. 32 percent of our employees are Liechtenstein nationals, 44 percent Swiss and 13 percent are Austrian nationals. We are an international company and are positioned in our home markets of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria as well as in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, plus the Middle East. We are committed to ensuring that our client base is reflected in our employee mix (see “Regional employer”).

The LLB Group aims to create an environment of appreciation for all employees, regardless of their nationality, age, gender, educational background, etc. The different skills, cultures and viewpoints of individual employees make us an innovative company.

The proportion of women working for the LLB Group is relatively high at 44 percent, but they are still under-represented in leadership positions. The executive management is comprised of 6 men and the senior management of 22 men and 3 women. However, such factors as demographic change and the growing number of well-educated women are bound to effect change in this area in the next few years. The principle of equal opportunities is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. In 2015, the LLB and Bank Linth took part in National Future Day, which is a cooperative project in Switzerland and Liechtenstein involving school, the world of work and the parental home. Its aim is to promote gender equality when it comes to career choice and life planning.

The Board of Directors of the LLB, which is publicly listed, is characterised by an above-average proportion of women, representing about 30 percent of the total number of directors.

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