Investments and innovative power

“Truly simple”

Within the scope of its Focus2015 strategy, the LLB Group introduced numerous initiatives to strengthen the innovative power needed for a successful business future. For many years, Bank Linth has inspired its private and corporate clients with uncomplicated solutions in line with its “Truly simple” concept. Thanks to its “simplicity in banking” approach, it is the first bank in Switzerland to satisfy its clients’ needs for saving time, clear communications and convenience. This process consistently leads to the creation of new products and services, which support the bank’s positioning, e.g. transparent special conditions and an effective feedback process.

Bank Linth has therefore become a pioneer in formulating and delivering financial knowledge in a clear and simple manner. The bank’s “Truly simple” task force monitors and refines this special form of client focus. Bank Linth plans to remodel its management systems to make them more effective and efficient. This includes the function of a “Chief Simplicity Officer”.

Product packages

By the middle of 2016, we plan to launch several innovative retail product packages, which combine traditional products, for our private clients in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The individual packages, consisting of basic and optional modules, will be tailored to suit the requirements of individual clients. The scope of the packages and the pricing will be transparent, flexible and customised. The packages enable us to fulfil the wishes expressed by clients for clarity and individuality in banking business. These innovative product packages, which can be employed in both mortgage lending and investment business, will ensure that we stand out from our competitors on the market.

Omni-channel banking

The expectations of generation Y determine the current and future demand in banking business. This generation uses various channels in parallel, i. e. smartphones, tablets and PCs – but without wanting to forego personal contact with their bank advisers. The LLB Group is constantly adapting to changed client behaviour. Accordingly, in 2015 we formulated an omni-channel banking concept to link up our bank branches with online and mobile banking, and to enable personalised interaction in real time. This was implemented in the knowledge that clients who enjoy a positive experience with us remain loyal clients.

In recent years, the LLB Group has steadily expanded it points of contact with clients and now offers them sophisticated digital solutions. For example, our mobile banking app is easily and intuitively operated while at the same time fulfilling the strictest security standards. It has become a genuine success story. In online banking, we cover the needs of both corporate and intermediary clients. The digitalisation of banking business is one of the key priorities that the LLB Group has set for itself in its new StepUp2020 strategy. In the next five years we shall invest CHF 30 million in pioneering digital solutions to link all client contact points into a user-friendly inspiring experience for our clients (see chapter “Corporate center”).