Retail & Corporate Banking

Service and quality in all channels are the decisive factors in Retail & Corporate Banking. For the LLB Group this means efficiently linking person-to-person contacts with the digitalisation of banking business. The LLB Group targets its comprehensive and flexible services to suit the individual requirements of private and corporate clients.

Business profile

The Retail & Corporate Banking Division encompasses the financing and savings business in the domestic markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The LLB Group offers the entire spectrum of banking and financial services for private and corporate clients at all phases of life and the business life cycle. Traditionally savings and mortgage lending business has always played an important role. This is supplemented by financial planning and corporate pension provisioning (see chapter “Clients and markets”). In addition, the Retail & Corporate Banking Division provides investment advice and asset management to target clients having available assets of up to CHF 0.5 million. At the same time, in its role as an entrepreneur’s bank, the LLB Group is extremely important for the economy in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland.

The Liechtensteinische Landesbank with headquarters in Vaduz is the largest universal bank in the Principality of Liechtenstein. It sets innovative standards – and for over 150 years it has nurtured forward-looking, responsible partnerships with its clients, shareholders, and business partners. Its Bank Linth subsidiary with headquarters in Uznach is the largest regional and one of the most innovative banks in eastern Switzerland – for over 165 years it has stood for trust and stability.

Integration of various distribution channels

The LLB Group combines modern, communicative bank branches with mobile and web-based services, and thus generates added value for its clients. It has three business locations in Liechtenstein and 19 in the Swiss cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus. Additionally, it operates 50 ATM locations: 20 in Liechtenstein and 30 in eastern Switzerland. LLB Online and Mobile Banking provides clients with round the clock access to their bank accounts and portfolios. The LLB is the only bank in Liechtenstein to offer its clients an extensive branch and ATM network for all banking transactions. Furthermore, throughout the Group the LLB offers an innovative mobile banking app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Consequently, the LLB Group is proud of its unique proximity to clients.