Investments in innovation

Standard-setting investment advice

Asset management and investment counselling are the core services offered by private banking. To strengthen its position and stand out from its competitors, the LLB Group plans at the end of March 2016 to introduce an innovative investment advisory application. In a ground-breaking partnership with Avaloq, a software and financial services provider, and swissQuant Group, a company specialising in risk and earnings analysis, the LLB is developing the new IT application.

This enables us to create new possibilities of providing advice to clients. For our clients this means a new advisory experience with the aim of constructing an optimal portfolio:

  • All client portfolios will be fully monitored automatically.
  • In the event of deviations to the risk profile and individual investment strategy, the client will be notified.
  • If required, the client will receive an automatic portfolio restructuring proposal.

The new investment advisory solution supports us in actively nurturing our client relationships: the systematic investment process enables an ad-hoc analysis at any time and permits the portfolio to be optimised.

With the IT platform for investment advisory services, we are setting a new standard because it incorporates automatic investor protection and compliance provisions. This innovative investment advisory system fulfils all the regulatory requirements of the MiFID II directive in the EU / EEA and the FIDLEG law in Switzerland. It will be fully integrated in our Avaloq core banking system and therefore become part of our omni-channel strategy. In the next few years we shall continue to expand our digital channels and provide investment advisory services via all the channels.

By consistently focusing on the needs of our clients and taking proactive action, we can to an extent act as a pioneer in the development of the market.

Competence center for innovative products

The LLB Group has set up a competence center to increase its innovative power and to harmonise and accelerate product development. This new Group Product Management Business Area consists of three departments, which are responsible for all market regions:

  • The Product Management Organisation Unit is responsible for the entire product life cycle management of the LLB Group.
  • The Financial Planning and Taxation Department is the Group competence center for financial and estate planning as well as taxation.
  • The Pricing Department is responsible for the monitoring of market developments and regulatory requirements as well as the formulation and implementation of strategic pricing initiatives.

The former Private Banking Product Management and Retail & Corporate Banking Product Management Departments are integrated in the new competence center. The asset management, fund services and corporate pension provisioning competence centers remain part of the Institutional Clients Market Divisions and Retail & Corporate Banking.