Institutional Clients

Holistic service and dialogue as partners are of central importance in caring for institutional clients. The LLB Group’s Asset Management possesses excellent investment competence, and its Fund Services has comprehensive, cross-linked expertise. Our innovative, integrated client focus is the decisive factor for financial intermediaries.

Business profile

The Institutional Clients Division encompasses the intermediary and fund business, as well as the asset management operations of the LLB Group. We concentrate on professional investors and financial intermediaries. One of our most important attributes is the partner-like dialogue, which we maintain with fiduciaries, asset managers, fund promoters, insurance companies, pension funds and public institutions. Our focus lies on the markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

In delivering our comprehensive services in line with the one-stop-shop concept, we can call on the broad expertise available within our corporate group. This applies for financial and legal issues, as well as for questions relating to asset management. We are one of the three largest investment fund service providers in the Liechtenstein financial center. Another one of our strengths is the prize-winning investment competence of our asset management team. And exemplary continuity is one of the key characteristics of our team of specialists, who take care of institutional clients.

Partner-like dialogue

The LLB Group attaches great importance to the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of information with its external partners. The Institutional Clients Market Division is constantly investing in the dialogue with its clients. We have been making available our expertise through our “LLB Xpert Views” online platform and in exclusive round-table discussions with partners since 2013. This provides institutional investors with a comprehensive overview of current trends and developments in the fields of investments, law and taxation. In addition, they have the possibility of publishing professional articles. The market and business environment changes, but even after the completion of our Focus2015 strategy, our dialogue with our business partners continues to be a success factor.