Investments and innovation

Lean management

In August 2015, the LLB Group successfully completed the pilot phase of its advanced standardisation and automation of loan application and client onboarding processes. The project concentrated on client focus, efficiency and cost saving measures. One of the goals that the Group COO Division has set itself as part of the StepUp2020 strategy is the optimisation of the key end-to-end processes. Over the next five years, it will drive forward the implementation of a lean management culture throughout the Group. Its priorities will be the elimination of waste and the creation of added value. Improved results at less cost should enable the quality of services and the level of client satisfaction to be further increased in line with the motto “do it once, do it right”. By following the lean management concept, the LLB Group wants to implement the philosophy of an intelligent organisation capable of learning in order to sharpen its competitiveness. In 2016, we intend to establish a lean management competence center.

Innovative investment advice

Our understanding for the needs of clients and our ability to provide holistic advice are reflected in the development of an innovative client advisory IT platform. In 2015, the LLB Group introduced a platform which combines and automates the functions of investment advice with investor protection and compliance. This enables the LLB Group to combine its traditional services, with the latest advisory models and innovative information technology. The platform uses visualisation, systematisation, customisation and digitalisation to create an new experience for clients. The new application should not only contribute to dealing more easily with regulatory requirements, but also make the launching of new products and services much simpler, even across national borders (See chapter “Private banking”).


The digitalisation of banking business is one of the key priorities that the LLB Group has set for itself in its new StepUp2020 strategy starting from 2016. In the next five years we shall drive forward specific innovations. By the end of 2020, we shall have invested CHF 30 million in innovation and infrastructure projects and pioneering digital solutions. Our omni-channel strategy will couple a new bank branch concept with online and mobile banking. The digitalisation of banking business, which forms a key element of our StepUp 2020 strategy, will open up new opportunities for the LLB Group. Our goal is to link all client contact points into a user-friendly inspiring experience for our clients, from the initial contact over all the selected service points, i. e. via the classical bank branch, the telephone, mobile banking, our website, online banking and LLB Quotes. In 2015, we designed and began the implementation of an omni-channel banking target vision.

In March 2016, as the first bank in Liechtenstein, we shall introduce video identification. This will enable our clients to personally open an account from their home or when they are on the go. At the end of 2016, we shall relaunch the mobile banking apps of the LLB and Bank Linth. Not only will the app have a more attractive design, it will also be easier, simpler and quicker to operate. Thus we are putting in place the essentials for our “Mobile First” concept, with which right from the start we intend to provide new digital services to fulfil the requirements of mobile users. Around 70 percent of all payments throughout the Group are already made via online banking or mobile banking. In future, technologies for mobile business and the integration of communications channels will play a vital role for the LLB Group.