Corporate Center

The Corporate Center of the LLB Group steers, coordinates and monitors groupwide business activities, processes and risks. It safeguards Group development including information technology as well as improving the efficiency and quality of the LLB Group’s services. It believes that the future of banking lies in digitalisation.

Business profile

The Corporate Center encompasses the Group COO, Group CFO and Group CEO Divisions. It bundles central functions within the LLB Group and supports the market-oriented Retail & Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Institutional Clients Divisions in conducting their activities and implementing their strategies. The focus lies on functions in the areas of communication, marketing, human resources, finances, risk and credit management, IT, trading, securities administration and payment services, corporate development, facility management and purchasing, as well as legal and compliance.

The LLB Group aligns its activities on its vision of “We are setting standards for banking with values”. The concept is based on the idea of managing material values with a clearly defined values system. This includes the consistent implementation of regulatory provisions, seeking dialogue with clients, politicians and the public, as well as optimally exploiting the possibilities offered by technologies and developing innovative solutions. The divisions of the Corporate Center ensure the Group’s corporate development and the implementation of its values. At the same time, they drive forward the automation of banking transactions and they are a guarantee for innovation.

The LLB Group is accelerating the realisation of its interlocking mobile, web-based and stationary banking services. Thanks to numerous initiatives within the scope of its Focus2015 strategy, in 2015 the LLB Group achieved the agility and innovative strength necessary for a sustainable successful future. In line with the goals defined in our StepUp2020 strategy, we intend to embed a lean-management culture throughout the Group over the next five years. The strategy is also our launching pad for key innovations in the digitalisation of client transactions.