Institutional Clients

The Institutional Clients Division encompasses the intermediary and investment fund business as well as the asset management operations of the LLB Group. The focus lies on the markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We are in a strong position in the German-speaking region thanks to our excellent investment competence (see the chapter “Institutional clients” ).

Sustainable asset management

Increasingly, private clients, family offices, public institutions and foundations are considering factors such as the risks and opportunities for environmental, social and governance factors in their long-term investments. In 2015, the Asset Management Division of the LLB Group developed a sustainable asset management offer for institutional clients.

The responsible management of financial assets involves attaining a reasonable balance between ethical aspects, return and safety. By applying a standards-based exclusion process when selecting investment securities, we can provide a tailor-made asset management profile. When constructing the portfolio, certain sectors such as tobacco, alcohol, nuclear energy and armaments are excluded. Companies, which do not comply with specific social and environmental standards, as well as countries which are subject to sanctions are also excluded. We focus on traditional investment categories in order to ensure socially responsible investments.

Basically, the LLB Group’s investment policy excludes ethically unsuitable products or behaviour. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank has no financial products which contain soft commodities. In the case of products from other providers, it is guided by the Dow Jones UBS Commodities Index, which consists of one third energy, one third non-ferrous metals and one third precious metals as well as soft commodities such as corn, cocoa or rice. In the case of the LLB strategy funds, the proportion of investments in commodities amounts to 2 percent, whereby merely 0.66 percent consists of futures on soft commodities to add variety to portfolios.