Successful completion of the Focus2015 strategy

Core elements

The LLB Group launched its Focus2015 strategy in 2013 as an answer to the challenges posed by the difficult economic and political situation internationally. Until the end of 2015, the main focus was resolutely on:

  • Refocusing: Targeted deployment of financial and personnel resources in select client segments and markets with very promising market potential or where the LLB Group has already managed to establish a solid market position.
  • Making the current business volume profitable: This included initiatives to lower costs in the front and back office, increase productivity through corresponding client segmentation as well as initiatives to selectively adapt pricing and terms of business to market conditions.
  • Reducing complexity: Concentration on the core business through the disposal of non-core Group companies: sale of Jura Trust Group and swisspartners Group, closure of LLB Switzerland.

Clear positioning

We successfully completed our repositioning at the end of 2015. We have refocused and restructured, reduced costs and complexity substantially, and increased efficiency and profitability significantly. The LLB Group has a clear Group structure comprising the three banks Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Bank Linth LLB AG and LLB (Österreich) AG as well as the Group companies LLB Asset Management AG and LLB Fund Services AG. Our refocused business model is based on three strong market divisions and a diversified income structure.

The LLB Group has enhanced its profile by redefining its vision and guiding principles and firmly establishing them in the minds of the employees. We are committed to a concept of banking with a binding system of values (see chapter “Brand and sponsoring”). With our Asset Management unit, the largest investment team in Liechtenstein, we have multiple award-winning investment expertise. We differentiate ourselves in our strategic target markets through our close ties with our clients.

Our employees are motivated and committed, our products and services are of high quality, and we are constantly increasing our level of automation. We keep our costs and our credit risks under control, and our financial results from operations create strategic room for manoeuvre. At the same time, the LLB Group is on track with compliance with domestic and international regulatory requirements, the tax compliance strategy and the cross-border strategy have already been largely implemented. Furthermore, we are determined to take a resolutely innovative approach to further develop the LLB Group.

With the Principality of Liechtenstein as the majority shareholder, we have a stable ownership structure and a very solid capital base. The LLB thus continues to stand for security and stability.

Strategic market initiatives

Thanks to numerous initiatives as part of the Focus2015 strategy, the LLB Group has achieved the necessary agility and innovative drive to ensure a sustainable and successful future. The many market-oriented initiatives from which our clients benefit include:

  • a pioneering retrocession-free pricing model,
  • innovative and very secure mobile banking,
  • a flexible advice and support concept for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
  • a forward-looking distribution concept combining bank branches and communications technology,
  • attractive “youli” banking services for the young generation,
  • innovative, award-winning fund products,
  • the LLB Investment Plan for individual and systematic wealth creation,
  • the “LLB Xpert Views” information portal for maintaining dialogue with financial intermediaries.
  • We successfully completed the implementation of Focus2015 at the end of 2015.