Balance sheet

In comparison with 31 December 2014, the balance sheet total decreased by CHF 1.1 billion or 5.2 percent to CHF 19.7 billion (31.12.2014: CHF 20.8 billion). The decrease is largely due to the sale of the swisspartners Group. In the year under report, balances due from banks were redeployed into cash and balances with central banks, accordingly this position rose sharply by 87.9 percent. Loans to customers granted by the LLB Group rose by 2.5 percent in comparison with 31 December 2014. Mortgage loans climbed by 2.6 percent to CHF 9.6 billion.

Equity attributable to the shareholders of LLB stood at CHF 1.7 billion at 31 December 2015. The tier 1 ratio amounted to 20.6 percent (31.12.2014, restated: 18.3 %). Since 30 June 2015, the tier 1 ratio is calculated in accordance with the CRD IV criteria, i. e. Basel III. The return on equity attributable to the shareholders of LLB stood at 5.0 percent (2014: 4.3 %).