A few words about a culture of values

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A few words about a culture of values

Whenever people are guided by the same values, their actions become unmistakable: an identity is formed. We are convinced that a corporate culture that consistently cultivates values releases that positive energy which makes all the difference to our clients.

At the same time as we are successfully pursuing our new strategic positioning by implementing our Focus2015 strategy, we are also committed to banking that is deeply rooted in a binding value system. Four values characterize the LLB Group’s corporate culture: integrity, respectfulness, excellence and pioneering. That means the following for our daily work: we provide clarity and keep our word. We treat our clients as partners and show our appreciation. We aim to set standards through performance and commitment. And we shape the future, both actively and sustainably.

Our values, our shared beliefs, our expectations and our convictions form the guiding principles that drive us. These principles are reflected in a body of stories, of which we would like to tell you a few in the magazine accompanying the Annual Report 2014.

Group CEO Roland Matt, for instance, answers questions about our Focus2015 strategy and our values, which are situated between the two polarities of tradition and innovation. Furthermore, our close ties with our clients set us apart, and the eleven all-rounders in the Customer Service Center in Vaduz are a good example.

Our innovative pricing model fulfils client needs. Combined with our investment competence, it provides an attractive price-performance ratio, from which our clients profit. Jan Engelke of Simon-Kucher & Partners explains the arguments for the pricing model of the future. The relationship between financial service providers and the financial market authority FMA Liechtenstein is changing too. Urs Philipp Roth-Cuony, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the FMA Liechtenstein, makes a strong case for mutual respect in our interactions with each other.

Fairness and an innovative environment are the reasons for the commitment of many of our employees. We have published three opinions for you to read. And despite the brevity of the text about the history of one of our corporate clients, the story reveals the innovative strength of the hidden champion Optics Balzers.

We all know that the clients of tomorrow are already using their smartphones for banking today. We asked three young people to send us selfies. The short portrait of FC Vaduz shows us that it does not matter where teams deliver top performances, but rather how.

I hope you enjoy reading our magazine.

Hans-Werner Gassner
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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