Employer of choice

“We are forward-looking and fair”

The LLB Group employs people from 34 nations. Tolerance, mutual appreciation, respectfulness and open-mindedness are pillars of our corporate culture. Three employees with three opinions are representative of the staff.

“We are forward-looking and fair”

Tobias Bless
Head of Private Clients Sargans, Bank Linth

The banking industry is undergoing fundamental change. As a client advisor, you don’t only have to identify and meet client needs, you also have to keep up with the increasing number of international rules and regulations. This is a challenge for me as well as for my employer. The LLB Group’s values are part of a modern financial institution. We are forward-looking and fair. Every day, we work to gain the trust and confidence of business and industry and people. As an employee of Bank Linth, I can draw on the know-how of the whole Group. Good teamwork is important to us.

Veronika Britt
Head of Private Labeling

LLB gives me the sense of belonging to a high-performance company that helps me to develop professionally and challenges me. We have a good team spirit in funds, where I work. LLB is one of the leading service providers in this area in Liechtenstein. I’m able to generate solutions and improve myself too. Everyone profits when people are put in a position where they can apply their strengths and talents. I’m happy to work for a company that rewards individual initiative and performance. Values and corporate culture are decisive for motivating people to excel at work.

Stefan Vogt
Client Advisor Private Banking Liechtenstein

My grandfathers worked for the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, my mother works here, and I’m now the third generation of our family who has chosen to work for LLB. Our family is one example of the tradition of trust-based relationships at LLB. Clients sense whether advisors trust the people they work with and whether they’re proud of what they’re doing. LLB offers me the opportunity to work in an innovative environment in which we treat each other and clients with respect. An attractive workplace is not a matter of chance.

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