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The eleven all-rounders

Anna-Karina Büchel, Adrian Frick

The eleven all-rounders

The Customer Service Center in Vaduz is not only a calling card for LLB. It is also the voice of our clients. For the eleven all-rounders who work there quality means exceeding expectations through expertise and mutual appreciation.

When the Swiss National Bank sent out shockwaves by abandoning its cap on the franc on 15 January 2015, the phone lines at the LLB Customer Service Center (CSE) were red hot. 849 telephone calls and 113 emails were received in that one day. It takes people with a level head to deal with unforeseeable situations. People with credible voices and answers you can trust.

Eleven such multi-talented employees work at LLB’s CSE desks in Vaduz. They answer questions about everything to do with accounts, investments, stock exchange orders, EC cards or credit. They explain how the withholding tax agreement with Austria or cross-border banking fees work or, as in this case, what a strong franc means for the economy.

Fabienne Frick is one of them. Using a headset, she responds to about 300 telephone calls per week, switches back and forth between two screens, answers emails, assists online banking clients worldwide or connects them with LLB specialists. She is also able to listen. “Sometimes people just want to let off steam”, she admits. Then the only thing that helps is to let them respectfully know that you understand. Voices – and not eyes – are the mirrors of the soul at LLB’s CSE.

The CSE is the first point of contact for approximately 70’000 clients plus online and mobile banking clients. Every few minutes, the eleven all-rounders are busy analysing the needs of a client at the other end of the line. They do this with the latest legal, data protection and security regulations in mind. Fabienne Frick confirms: “We’re able to satisfactorily resolve eight out of ten inquiries during this first contact”. Work processes are constantly being optimized to maintain this rate.

“Good service is a given for the people working at the Customer Service Center.”

This young woman from Balzers, right in the south of Liechtenstein, who is both equally well informed and able to cope with stress, worked in Private Client Support after her banking apprenticeship at LLB. She is as adept at handling compliance and tax matters as she is at using the latest technology. “Good service is a given for the people working at the Customer Service Center”, Fabienne explains. “We make great efforts to meet client expectations at the first try; better still, we work hard to exceed them”. And if need be, in four languages.

Anna-Karina Büchel and Fabienne Frick

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