Product responsibility

Banks can make a substantial contribution to a forward-looking approach to social development through their products and services. One of the tasks facing banks is to build trust. Dealing fairly with our clients, borrowers and partners is just one aspect of our product responsibility. Another aspect is a transparent information policy towards opportunities and risks afforded by financial instruments and investment strategies. At the same time, we accept responsibility for future generations in our home markets in Liechtenstein and Switzerland by offering sustainable products in the areas of financial planning and estate planning.

From a European perspective, the real estate industry is facing major challenges. Costs for conventional energy sources have resulted in the increasing importance of energy and ecological considerations for new buildings and building refurbishment. Public debate on environmental policies is growing, and the people living in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland are becoming more ecologically aware. The LLB Group supports investments in new buildings that comply with “Minergie-P®”, passive house or other comparable standards for alternative energy by offering eco-mortgages and renovation mortgages that promote the sustainable use of resources. In recent years, the focus on real estate ownership as a safe investment has increased due to highly volatile financial markets. Investments in energy-efficient measures or in the use of renewable energies have had a positive impact on long-term sustainability.

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