Energy-efficient infrastructure

“Green IT” data processing centre

The branch office of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank in Eschen (FL) has set standards for the Rhine Valley region since December 2012. The LLB data processing centre, which was built according to the US-American Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification of Design, is an extremely safe data centre. This means that highly sensitive business data are perfectly protected and can be accessed at all times. Our data processing centre, however, not only has one of the highest safety standards of eastern Switzerland, it also reflects a clear commitment to “Green IT”. All building elements – from the construction, to the insulation and the architectural design of the building – were carefully matched to each other in order to increase energy efficiency.

Ecology and technology

Sustainable construction is based on the interaction between ecology and technology and is becoming the standard. The building that houses the Eschen bank branch complies with the Minergie-P®» standard, the LLB has a provisional certificate until 2015.

The construction of the data processing centre, which complies with this standard, permits the specific use of only single modules. The server and the cooling elements are positioned in such a way that only the computer is cooled and not the entire room. The power consumption of the cooling devices plays an essential part in terms of power usage effectiveness (PUE). We aim to achieve a value of below 1.5 PUE, which would be half the original energy usage. In 2013, we were already able to achieve a PUE of 1.54, and in 2014 we achieved a PUE of 1.46.

The well insulated building shell and the use of waste heat from the adjoining Data Center to heat the branch office should lead to savings in natural gas consumption. Since mid-2013 we have been able to substantially lower power consumption and, consequently, clearly reduce CO2 emissions too.

As th Bank Linth branch show, the LLB attaches great importance throoughout the Group to the interplay of ecology and technology. Consequently, the Bank Linth branches in Pfäffikon (SZ), Kaltbrunn (SG) and Schmerikon (SG) were therefore built in accordance with “Minergie-P®” standard.

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