Ecological responsibility

Membership in the Swiss Climate Foundation / the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein

We are convinced that actions driven by sustainability and responsibility increase our corporate value. This is reflected in the way we promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contributing to climate protection. LLB is partner of the independent non-profit Swiss Climate Foundation and the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein. More than CHF 350’000 have already been awarded to more than 30 SMEs in Liechtenstein since the start of the cooperation in 2012.

That is why LLB belongs to a group of 24 partner firms that pool their resources to promote SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The companies do this in an uncomplicated and efficient manner and, through their activities, they help to protect the climate. Company refunds of CO2 contributions made to the Climate Foundation are used to support new products and technological developments as well as energy saving projects. Additionally, businesses in Liechtenstein have access to the system for SMEs run by the Swiss energy agency Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (EnAW), which assists clients in implementing economically profitable energy saving measures. LLB’s private and corporate clients simultaneously benefit from our awareness to ecological questions as well as our commitment in the Climate Foundation.

Commitment for rating foundation

The LLB Group pursues the principle that the economy, society and the public sector have to be jointly committed to financing the transformation of energy systems and making them sustainable. As a member of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), LLB also supports the “CARLO Foundation”, which was founded at the beginning of July 2012. It was the first independent, sustainable and international rating foundation. This non-profit foundation aims to develop an independent rating system for financial products in order to promote a sustainable financial market and corresponding business models as well. The foundation’s mission is to create a new type of transparency and to better integrate the concept of sustainability into corporate decision-making processes. Since April 2013 the foundation has established a sustainability rating for financial products that is founded on a broadly based stakeholders survey.

Support for an online database

The number of market participants as well as of socially responsible investment (SRI) products and services is increasing globally. That is why the LLB Group is committed to being one of the main sponsors of “”. This platform is one of the leading global online databases for all issues concerning sustainable investment. It supports investment managers, client advisors, investors and researchers in finding the information they need in the SRI universe. In addition to yield, tradability and security, socially responsible investments (SRI) consider environmental, social and governance criteria. In 2013, “” was able to further expand its strategic co-operations and range of services. It contributes to generating knowledge for sustainable economic management and investments at more than 20 universities in approximately nine countries through its European Education Initiative for Sustainable Finance.

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