Employer of choice

In 2014, the LLB Group redefined its vision and its mission statement: the vision is encapsulated in the sentence “We set standards for banking with values”. The resulting mission statement refers to a binding system of values comprising “integrity”, “respectfulness”, “excellence”, “pioneering”. These form the basis of our corporate culture. Our value system comprises the most appropriate performance benchmarks with which to recruit, retain and promote the most suitable employees for us.

The LLB Group is continuously striving to strengthen its position as an attractive employer. Personal interviews across all levels of the hierarchy and all business divisions have shown that LLB has three strengths that clearly distinguish it from its competitors: a corporate culture based on partnership, excellent development opportunities and job content with plenty of scope for growth. As “Employer of Choice”, it is our goal to choose the right employees today for the challenges of tomorrow.

At the same time, we will implement our vision and our mission statement throughout our corporation. The key are our employees and executives, who support their Group through their competence, motivation and commitment. They are decisive when it comes to acting with integrity and respectfulness and simultaneously maintaining excellence. They are decisive when it comes to setting standards and pioneering a sustainable future.

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