People are the LLB Group’s most important capital. It is crucial that we continue to recruit, retain and promote committed employees and executives as copartners if we are to deliver on our performance promise. The LLB Group aims to strengthen its position as “Employer of Choice” and to be a socially responsible employer for its 1’033 staff.

Group Human Resources

Objectives and operating environment

2014 was marked by the LLB Group’s actions to clearly position itself according to the Focus2015 strategy. The willingness of staff to change and their specialist knowledge contribute significantly to the implementation of the LLB Group’s vision and mission statement as well as corporate strategy objectives.

The organizational unit Group Human Resources (GHR) is responsible for implementing uniform personnel and social policies within the LLB Group. It supports the Group Executive Board and the Board of Directors in matters of personnel policy. GHR recruits employees and executives, it conducts management development as well as succession planning and is responsible for all professional training and further education programmes. GHR plans future quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements, determines the focus of staff professional development and promotes a management culture characterized by performance orientation and mutual appreciation.

Group Human Resources has increased the automation and efficiency of HR processes since 2012. In 2014, SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) was introduced for LLB, Bank Linth and LLB Österreich. It allows decentralized administrators to centrally administer all staff and Group companies. Data and analyses are available at the touch of a button.

Employee satisfaction

The LLB Group conducted its second Group-wide employee survey in late summer 2013 to evaluate our employees’ attitudes and perceptions. The excellent participation rate of 76 percent was proof of employee involvement and the survey provided important information. Staff identify themselves with the Focus2015 company strategy.

Just as in 2010, employees as a whole were satisfied with the LLB Group as an employer in 2013 too. We have definitely strengthened client ties. Our employees clearly welcome the annual agreement on work objectives and performance assessment. The LLB Group teams are a huge asset. In 2014, the individual units used the results of the survey as a basis to identify interrelationships and constellations of problems and to take improvement measures. They identified the factors that most influence crucial performance data and established an intensive improvement process. The next employee survey is planned for August 2015.

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