Our sponsoring policies stipulate that the projects and activities we support should sustainably increase our brand’s value and image. Our sponsorships must suit, complement or strengthen the character of our brand. And they must also have a communicative impact. We therefore only focus on a few, effective long-term sponsorships that have a clear connection to a specific market area.

As a universal bank, we take our responsibility very seriously and sponsor public events. In this way, we are partners of clubs, events and institutions in the areas of sports, culture, community service, ecology and education. The LLB Group remains politically neutral in all of its sponsoring activities and does not make financial or any other types of contributions to politicians or political parties.

Young adults and families

LLB is committed to its clients and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 2014, it placed young adults and families at the centre of is activities. The response has been resounding and very positive.

We are the main sponsor of FC Vaduz (FCV), who play in the Super League, the highest Swiss football league. This is their second season following their promotion in the 2013 / 14 season. LLB renewed its sponsorship for a further two years in 2014. It has been supporting FCV for eleven years now, not only because the team provides important impulses for professional sport in Liechtenstein, but because it does valuable work for amateur sport too.

Our support also positions the LLB brand in an emotional and dynamic environment in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Among the numerous campaign events were the FCV team presentation in the courtyard of LLB in Vaduz, a youli game during the break, signing sessions as well as raffles. Free admission for families to FCV home games was also part of the campaign “LLB Advent Magic” in December 2014. LLB combined this big event with free admission to the “Vaduz on Ice” skating rink and a free ride on the “Märlizögli” train.

In July 2014, LLB invited bands and artists into the inner courtyard of LLB in Vaduz for the open-air “Summer in the Courtyard” series of concerts, which is already in its eighteenth year. What began with a concert by the Big Band Liechtenstein has developed into a distinctive feature of the musical summer programme in Liechtenstein.

In May 2014, about 17'000 people from Liechtenstein and the region got on their bikes for the “slowUp” Werdenberg-Liechtenstein. LLB acted as a regional partner for the first time. It was the only sponsor from Liechtenstein to support the car-free action day. The family programme also included a goal-shooting contest with FCV players.


By foregrounding project sponsorship as support the LLB Group underscores the principle that each project retains its content and organizational independence. In 2014, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank invested CHF 665’000.– (2013: CHF 600’000.–) in projects in Liechtenstein, and Bank Linth invested CHF 403’000.– (2013: CHF 540’000.–) in projects in Switzerland. This is quite apart from our Group’s long tradition of making donations. In this way, LLB has supported non-profit and social organizations for more than 30 years (also see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

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