Investments and innovation

Front to back excellence

The LLB Group consistently focuses on the particular life situation of its clients, which means that contacts are to be kept as brief and pleasant as possible. For this purpose, we have accelerated and improved client onboarding and lending approval processes. In a project designated “Front to back excellence”, on the basis of lean management, we aim to accelerate the lending approval and client onboarding process at the LLB and Bank Linth by intensifying standardisation and improving automation. This should enhance efficiency and enable faster decision-making.

In a pilot phase between March and August 2015, we want to fine tune the new lending approval process. From the middle of 2015, the client advisers of all three market divisions will have available an intranet application to enable a fast, competent and binding client onboarding procedure, and to ensure that the necessary information is delivered in full and in good quality.

Innovative investment advice

Our understanding for the requirements of clients and our ability to provide holistic advice are reflected in the development of an innovative client advisory IT platform. The LLB Group plans to introduce a platform which combines and automates the functions of investment advice with investor protection and compliance. We shall combine portfolio construction, risk analysis and portfolio optimisation to enhance efficiency and reduce complexity in the provision of advice. The system will fulfil the regulatory requirements for cross-border investor services such as envisaged in the EU’s MiFID II and the Swiss FIDLEG directives, and it will ensure an extremely efficient level of investor protection.

To develop this innovative service, the LLB Group is cooperating with Avaloq, a leading international provider of integrated solutions for wealth management, universal and retail banks, as well as swissQuant Group, a company specialised in risk and earnings analysis. Together we are creating an application which will enable investment advisers to offer their clients excellent service in a unique manner. The new application should not only contribute to dealing more easily with regulatory requirements, but also make the launching of new products and services much simpler, even across national borders.

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