Institutional Clients

Intermediary / investment fund business / Asset Management

The Institutional Clients Division encompasses the asset management, the investment fund business as well as business with financial intermediaries and external asset managers in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Our Asset Management unit is the largest investment team in the Liechtenstein financial center. In a European comparison, the LLB strategy funds managed here consistently attain top rankings – while also offering an attractive price / performance ratio (see the chapter “Institutional clients”).

To enable the requirements of financial intermediaries to be met in detail, we strive to maintain close partner-like relationships and a transfer of knowledge. We provide sound knowledge and information about focus themes on our “LLB Xpert views” online platform and in doing so create a modern link between personal advice and the virtual world. At the same time, our LLB Fund Services is one of the market leaders in Liechtenstein in the provision of fund services. It is not only well positioned in the Swiss economic area; its EU passport opens up possibilities of increasing market shares in investment fund business in Europe.

In 2014, the Institutional Clients Division achieved operating income of CHF 102.3 million (2013: CHF 173.3 million). Client assets under management stood at CHF 25.4 billion, whereby LLB Fund Services is an important pillar of earnings for the LLB Group.

EU passport

Access to the EU market is of central importance for the competitiveness of the financial center and Liechtenstein’s investment fund industry, as well as for the LLB. The incorporation of EU law within the scope of the EEA agreement means that for many years already Liechtenstein fund companies have been able to manage cross-border investment funds. Investment fund companies benefit substantially from the EU passport. During 2015, Liechtenstein fund providers should also really start to benefit from the EU passport as managers of alternative investment funds (see the chapter “Regulatory framework and developments”).

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