Vision and mission statement

In 2014, the LLB Group redefined its vision and its mission statement: the vision is encapsulated in the sentence “We set standards for banking with values”. Our vision of banking is based on the idea that we can excel at managing material values if we have a clearly defined system of values. The resulting mission statement refers to a binding system of values comprising “integrity”, “respectfulness”, “excellence” and “pioneering”. This is what our vision stands for:

  • “Integrity” – we provide clarity and keep our word.
  • “Respectfulness” – we are partners and show appreciation.
  • “Excellence” – we set standards through performance and commitment.
  • “Pioneering” – we actively and sustainably shape the future.

We are convinced that responsible and forward-looking management is decisive when it comes to sustaining business success. Our values convey orientation, project reliability and promote trustworthiness. We expect the LLB Group’s corporate bodies and all employees to comply with our professional standards, all legal, regulatory and internal regulations as well as our professional “Rules of Conduct” and to act with integrity. The LLB Group aims to consistently fill its vision and its mission statement with life and wants to be measured by these efforts. Its objective is to be a trusted and respectful partner of its clients, creating added value through pioneering innovations and appreciated for its excellent performance. One of the focuses of 2015 will be: “We live our values”.

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