5 Insurance risk

The swisspartners Group with its business units in the Principality of Liechtenstein and on the Cayman Islands writes solely fund-linked life insurance policies for wealthy private clients.

These fund-linked life insurance policies generally comprise fund-linked life insurance policies with mortality cover against one-time investments and fund-linked annuities. The policy holder bears the investment risk and benefits from possible investment performance.

The sum at risk with mortality insurance benefits amounts to CHF 56.6 million. A total of CHF 53.0 million of this sum is reinsured, so that a default risk or excess of CHF 3.6 million existed at 31 December 2014.

On account of the low deductible sum at risk, a calculation and disclosure of the sensitivities was not made. The reinsurers have at least an “A+” rating from Standard & Poor’s. The default risk associated with the reinsurers is regularly monitored.

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